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Ultrafiltration is a great, globally proven technology that can be deployed in numerous ways

An all-round solution

An Ultrafiltration membrane has larger pores than a Reverse Osmosis membrane. As a result, it allows salts to pass through, but filters out organic contaminants such as nematodes, fungi, bacteria, viruses and other particles in the water.

Ultrafiltration is perfectly suited for eliminating infections from water. However, it is difficult to deploy this technology in robust and low-maintenance ways. Mienis Waterzuivering was the first to accomplish this.

The nice thing about Ultrafiltration is that it is a mechanical filtration technology, which enables us to treat all kinds of water flows and at the same time guarantee excellent water quality. Furthermore, Ultrafiltration is highly energy efficient and easily scalable.

The best quality

Standard disinfection methods, such as heating and UV light, only achieve kill rates of up to 99.9%. Our Ultrafiltration membranes remove 100% of the nematodes and fungi, 99.9999999% of bacteria and 99.9999% of viruses from water.

While these may seem like small differences, it means that our technology can be used by, for example, breeders, cutting growers, bell pepper growers, tomato growers and the like.
For example, when other technologies kill a bacterium, the dead tissue stays behind in the water. Our technology filters everything from the water, so that the dead tissue cannot serve as a breeding ground for new infections!

Fully automatic

We not only deliver the best filtration quality, but we also build the most highly automated systems available on the market!

Our activities on the African market quickly taught us the importance of automating everything to the maximum possible extent. For this reason we have developed our systems such that maintenance is fully automated. The system incorporates various types of cleaning programmes that the system can start up itself. Under normal circumstances the user does not have to do anything, except add chemicals and calibrate a pH sensor.


Our systems are used to purify dark green river water, but are also installed near tropical lakes around the equator. They are able to handle many types of drainage water; even water with coco peat particles does not pose a problem. These systems stay in production and do not require more than a curved screen filter and an automatic disc filter for pre-treatment. Other technologies often require more intensive pre-treatment (towards 5 micron).


Our Ultrafiltration systems are often installed:

As pre-treatment system for Reverse Osmosis or sodium extractors
To treat various kinds of surface water or infiltrated water
To treat rainwater
To treat drainage water in a 100% closed environment
To treat industrial wastewater

Quick Features

ROI often within 2 years

We are able to offer a tremendous price-quality ratio, especially for systems operating at 12 m3/hour and above

NTU lower than 0.05

Piping and other systems stay clean

Low energy consumption

The energy consumed by our systems is generally 0.2 kWh/m3


We are available 24/7 to provide our customers with the support they deserve

100% closed system

It is possible to use our systems in a 100% closed system, so that no water is lost

System in the cloud

With the help of our firewall-protected router, customers, together with us, can monitor their system from any device

Deployable in various markets
Every company and every situation is different, which is why we would like to tell you what an Ultrafiltration system can do for your company.
Safe water is crucial for nurseries, but is also becoming an increasingly scarce commodity. With the approaching deadline for 100% closed greenhouse cultivation it is more important than ever to select the right technology.
In laundries, Ultrafiltration may be a good solution when a bioreactor is used to reuse water, for making use of surface water and as pre-treatment for Reverse Osmosis.
Deployable in various markets

Robust and reliable systems are very important for optimal water quality. Water reuse is an excellent resource for this purpose as well. Mienis Waterzuivering supplies comprehensive solutions with membrane technologies such as Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis. Click here for more information.

In carwashes it is very important for cars to dry spotlessly and that the system operates without any problems. Curious about our solution? Click here!

Softened water is often already sufficient, but due to rising prices increasingly more laundries are switching over to Reverse Osmosis. Water reuse also is an interesting option, for example using Ultrafiltration. Click here to view our solution.

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