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Changes in laws and regulations are making the grower’s water management requirements increasingly more challenging. They must ensure that they always have sufficient safe, high-quality water. Growers already have enough to worry about, the last thing they need, is having to worry about their water treatment system. Because we already have more than 50 years of experience in the horticultural sector, we can tell you exactly which products work best for you!


Our Ultrafiltration system is the perfect disinfection system for all your water flows! In comparison with other technologies on the market, our solution is far more effective, with a log 5 reduction (99.9999%) in viruses and a log 8 reduction (99.9999999%) in bacteria. As a result we have installed multiple systems for breeders, cutting growers, bell pepper growers, tomato growers and many others!

The benefits:

  • Everything is completely automatic with different kinds of cleaning programmes!
  • Other technologies (partially) kill off the bacteria and viruses, as a result of which the dead tissue remains in the water. We filter this out and as a result the water is and stays cleaner.
  • Up until now we are able to treat all kinds of water in the world, without extensive pre-treatment. Other technologies require extensive pre-treatment to produce reasonable results.
  • You are actively informed when there is something wrong with the system.
  • At approximately 0.2 kWh per cubic metre our Ultrafiltration system is far more energy-efficient than other technologies.
  • Our systems are robust and widely deployable.
  • A proven technology.
  • Ready for 100% closed water management.

Reverse Osmosis

When insufficient irrigation water is available or when its quality is inadequate, Reverse Osmosis is the solution. This technology makes it possible to filter all salts out of the water. Today this is easier than ever with our fully automatic Reverse Osmosis system!

We have over 50 years’ experience with Reverse Osmosis and this comes in very handy in challenging places, such as the Rift Valley in Kenya and Ethiopia. The water here is very difficult to treat due to the extremely high water temperatures and the presence of salts, such as silica. Competitors have difficulty keeping their systems up and running in these regions, while we are doing significantly better.

It is very important to select the right pre-treatment, such as a Disc Filter, a Multimedia Filter or an Ultrafiltration system. Furthermore, it is very important to find a balance between different kinds of chemicals to keep the system operating.

We are able to treat all kinds of water in any capacity in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

Sodium extraction

By placing a special module after our Ultrafiltration system, we are able to specifically extract sodium from the water with the help of Nano Filtration and Reverse Osmosis. This is not an excessive luxury, especially when underground water storage facilities or the reuse of drainage water are involved. In such situations sodium concentrations can reach such high levels so as to cause damage to plants.

This results in a leftover concentrated brine water flow that ultimately may not be discharged. Due to the elevated recovery at the last filtration step we are able to keep this to a minimum. However, we are working on a system that entirely eliminates this flow.

100% closed water management

Effective from 2027, growers in the Netherlands will be legally prohibited from discharging any water. This presents quite a challenge, because virtually all water purification systems generate rinsing water.

By using a paper filter we are able to create a 100% closed water management system. However, this consumes a great deal of paper, which is undesirable economically and ecologically. This is why we are currently developing a system that does not require any consumables and yet can operate as a 100% closed process.

Explore the world of water with us!

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