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A reliable, high-quality water source is important for laundries. This is why these companies often opt for a water softener connected to tap water, Reverse Osmosis connected to well water or a combination of the two.

Reverse Osmosis requires a somewhat higher investment than a water softening system. Yet, it can still be an attractive option for laundries. This is because softening tap water can easily cost €1.30 per cubic metre, while Reverse Osmosis water only costs €0.25 to €0.50 per cubic metre. In addition, the use of Reverse Osmosis water in steam boilers produces significant energy savings.

Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly more important for laundries to reuse their waste water. For example, one of our customers first runs the wastewater through a bioreactor after which it is purified by an Ultrafiltration system. Next, the customer uses Reverse Osmosis to produce the required process water.

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